Just what’s in your Pad Thai?

Pad Thai

Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville sets itself apart from the crowded Thai cuisine landscape by being committed to fresh and authentic dishes. Twenty years ago in this country, Thai food was still viewed as an exotic cuisine. Today, it seems like there’s a new Thai restaurant opening all the time. Because of this proliferation, you’ll often find a watered-down version of this eclectic cuisine. For example, have you ever had pad Thai and found it tasted more like noodles and ketchup? This is certainly not a dish you’d find in Thailand, nor is it one you’d find at Salad Thai.

Thai food differentiates itself from many other cuisines by its use of fresh herbs and spices rather than dried. A few common flavours found in Thai dishes come from garlic, galangal (sometimes called Thai ginger), coriander/cilantro, lemon grass, shallots, pepper, kaffir lime leaves, shrimp paste, fish sauce, and chilies. The meats commonly used are pork, chicken, beef, and duck.

Thai Cuisine is also remarkable in the way it combines flavours. Unlike many other cuisines where a dish may have a single, predominate taste—whether it be sweet, savoury, hot, or sour—Thai dishes are often richly complex with layers of flavours that cascade over your palette.

Some diners may be intimidated by the variety and also the use of spices in Thai food. At Salad Thai, because most dishes are made to order, your own individual spice preference can be taken into consideration. Their focus on fresh and authentic ingredients will provide you with a true sense of the richness and complexity of Thai cuisine.

Salad Thai Restaurant is located at 398 Kerr Street in downtown Oakville. Contact them by phone at 905-849-5961 or by email at info@saladthai.com or visit them on the web at www.saladthai.ca.