With Thai food, rice isn’t just rice

Thai Food, Thai Cuisine

One of the things that makes Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville remarkable is its commitment to authenticity. Whereas many Thai restaurants today work on churning out imitations of original dishes, Salad Thai treats their diners like family…and feeds them like they were family, too.

This means they make a commitment to using the freshest ingredients at the highest quality available. You’ll see this commitment in every dish, from their salads, to their curries, to their rice.

Rice is a vital staple in many Asian cuisines, and Thai cuisine is no exception. In fact, rice is so important to Thai cuisine that the Thai word for food and rice is the same: khao. Therefore the phrase, “to eat rice” is the same as saying “to eat food.”

As you could imagine, a cuisine where rice plays such a key role, it comes in a wide range of varieties. Perhaps the most well-known rice associated with Thai cooking is jasmine rice. This indigenous, long-grain rice grows in abundance in Thailand. Sticky rice is also used in many dishes. The famous noodles you enjoy in your favourite Thai dishes are often made from rice flour, including the signature vermicelli variety.

You’ll find many authentic Thai rice and noodles on offer at Salad Thai restaurant. In addition to offering fresh and authentic Thai food, they strive to offer all their guests what they’re looking for by preparing virtually all their dishes to order. This means that you can often indicate the level of spiciness your unique palette enjoys. From mango salad, to Thai lemon soup, to, of course, Pad Thai, you’re sure to find a true taste of Thailand right in downtown Oakville.

Salad Thai Restaurant is located at 398 Kerr Street in downtown Oakville. Contact them by phone at 905-849-5961 or by email at info@saladthai.com or visit them on the web at www.saladthai.ca.