Three memorable Thai spices

Thai Salad

Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville prepares virtually all its dishes to order. The advantage to this type of cooking is it allows you to be able to dictate the level of spiciness that you know you will enjoy. For those dishes that require advanced preparation, such a curries and soups, the owners of Thai Salad encourages its guests to ask questions or consult the spice guide on the menu.

One of the first things you’ll notice about freshly prepared, authentic Thai food is its use of fresh herbs and spices. Perhaps more than any other cuisine in the world, Thai cuisine is characterized by its bold use of spice as well as its complex layering of flavours. Often these spices and their combinations are rarely seen in the west, so they may seem unfamiliar at first. However, your palette will be pleased when you’re adventurous and try some new dishes.

Here are three ingredients frequently found in Thai cuisine:

Kaffir Lime

The kaffir lime leaves are distinctly flavoured and appear in many Thai soups and curries. Its leaves or rind is frequently paired with galangal (sometimes referred to as Thai ginger) and lemongrass and kept whole while they simmer in dishes or blended together to make curry pastes.

Thai Basil

This type of basil is used fresh and is very fragrant with a scent that can be reminiscent of cloves. Its stems are often tinged with a beautiful purple colour and often used to add fragrance to green curry.


This very distinctive herb is also used fresh and liberally in many Thai dishes and is probably the one most familiar to western cuisine. It is also often added as a garnish, but its ground-up roots are often used in curry paste.

Explore the true taste of Thailand at Salad Thai in downtown Oakville. Whether it’s your first encounter with the cuisine or you’re coming back for more, Salad Thai will not disappoint.

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