Three memorable Thai spices

Thai Salad

Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville prepares virtually all its dishes to order. The advantage to this type of cooking is it allows you to be able to dictate the level of spiciness that you know you will enjoy. For those dishes that require advanced preparation, such a curries and soups, the owners of Thai … Read more

With Thai food, rice isn’t just rice

Thai Food, Thai Cuisine

One of the things that makes Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville remarkable is its commitment to authenticity. Whereas many Thai restaurants today work on churning out imitations of original dishes, Salad Thai treats their diners like family…and feeds them like they were family, too. This means they make a commitment to using the freshest … Read more

Just what’s in your Pad Thai?

Pad Thai

Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville sets itself apart from the crowded Thai cuisine landscape by being committed to fresh and authentic dishes. Twenty years ago in this country, Thai food was still viewed as an exotic cuisine. Today, it seems like there’s a new Thai restaurant opening all the time. Because of this proliferation, … Read more

How to eat Thai food

Thai Restaurant

Salad Thai restaurant in downtown Oakville offers a unique and authentic Thai experience. You will be treated like family by their friendly staff. Since almost all their dishes are made to order, you can also select a level of spice with which you’re comfortable. That means you won’t have to worry about ruining your meal … Read more